New England Day 11

Photo Credit === Danny James

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

There it was, a sight  to make me explode inside, a trigger for nothing less than to make me cry, a hope that I had been waiting all of my life……….

All was right with the world, it couldn’t had been any better, even if God himself had walked me to this place and stood me there………….

The sky, oh God, the sky was so blue, the air was crisp with a bite of atumn to arrive in a month or two, the tide was high i recall, the sand wrapped up my feet 
like a gift and the salt water I tasted was real, just like I imagined…….

The forever of the ocean scared me at first sight, the thought of being on the very edge of this land felt so right, there’s something of magic about this place, I know because it continues to this day to put a smile on my face………

Christopher Robin Sharlow  

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