Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Conversation

This post is in response to Weekly Prompt’s blog with the topic this week of Conversation.

Belle, the Black Mouth Cur, having a conversation with one of the nurses at an Assisted Living facility. Before COVID-19 I was her shelter buddy and she was a Doggie Ambassador. When COVID-19 hit I took her out of the animal shelter and became her foster dad. I failed as her foster dad. I adopted her when someone else wanted to adopt her. She has been with me for a little over a year now and is a great addition to our family which consist of my wife and three, yes three cats. She is totally spoiled now. She just got her monthly pedicure this morning.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Conversation

  1. Oh I do like this conversation.
    I’m certain Belle is very happy living with you and your family. You were her friend first and that is lovely because she already trusted you.

    Thank you for taking part in our challenge, Danny. 🙂

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      1. That is so lovely.
        Most of our dogs over the years have been rescue dogs from the rehousing centre apart from one stray that turned up at a friend’s house.

        Her owners couldn’t be traced because she wasn’t chipped and no one had reported her missing. So we agreed to take her.
        It was quite sad because whenever one of us came home, before fussing us she would run past us as though looking for someone else. We assumed she was looking for her owners.

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